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BGS processes 1 million passengers using its own DCS and gets closer to SITA Cute certification

BGS processes 1 million passengers using its own DCS and gets closer to SITA Cute certificationBGS, an international provider of ground handling and aircraft fuelling services, is celebrating the fact of registering the 1 000 000th passenger using its own Departure Control System (DCS). Moreover, the system, already used for serving Wizz Air, Small Planet Airlines and other airline flights in Vilnius International Airport, is currently nearing its SITA Cute certification.

The web-based local DCS has been specifically tailored to facilitate the check-in, boarding and baggage registration process for passengers travelling on direct flights (point-to-point). Having developed the solution based on the Agile Scrum’s project management principles, BGS team managed to complete the process in just about 8 months’ time. As a result of an individual approach, with an added focus on productivity and cost-effectiveness of the end-product, local DCS has proven highly effective in terms of lowering the transaction cost by as much as 70% while operating in a CUTEless environment.

Gytis-Gumuliauskas,-CEO-of-BGS“Low-cost and charter airlines continue raising pressure on legacy carriers. Currently they generate almost 40% of the total air passenger traffic Gytis Gumuliauskas, CEO of BGSin Europe alone. As a result, airport and ground handling providers require new, simplified solutions, which would enable these carriers to manage the increasing passenger flows more effectively. Unlike other systems, our DCS is a standalone web-based solution, developed specifically for the needs of low-cost and charter carriers. It is stripped down of any additional functionalities apart from those serving the basic passenger registration needs. As a result, the entire process becomes significantly more time and cost efficient. Having reached this symbolic milestone we can confidently state that the professional skills and flexibility of our specialists have enabled us to design a system which is truly capable of effectively serving the highly specialized and complex needs of the aviation industry,” comments Gytis Gumuliauskas, the CEO of Baltic Ground Services.

Following the success of the DCS system, the BGS team has developed another solution for the aviation market – an interactive Ground Handling Business Management System, designed to facilitate the management of relevant processes, including information on flights, fuel consumption, work scope planning and other. Meanwhile, having confirmed the Departure Control System’s suitability for the needs and requirements of the low-cost and charter business segment, BGS is now in the process of certifying its product for SITA Cute, which will allow to increase product availability and facilitate its further introduction into the aviation market. All relevant processes are expected to be completed until the end of 2015.