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Success story

Vitalis Dudys chose a career in the aviation field right after finishing secondary school and joining Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute, where he studied to be a qualified pilot engineer and received his degree in 2001. In 2003, he received a master's degree in Management and Business Administration, in the Aviation Enterprise Organization and Management Programme. 

Vitalis began his career as early as in 1998, in the ground handling field, by working as a baggage loader in the Lithuanian Airlines. He moved up his career ladders by working as a ramp agent in 1999 and, later, as a Commerce Department Manager in Lithuanian Airlines in 2001. In 2007, he became the head of sales in BGS, and was appointed to be the head of the Commerce Department in 2014, where he continues to work successfully. We reached great results during the entire employment history of Vitalis in our company: the company expanded from two to eight stations, we served up to 1000 flights in July of 2014, and we constantly receive great feedback from our customers. 

Tomas Vysniauskas is one of the longest-standing employees in the history of Baltic Ground Services, who consistently pushed towards his goal and began his career from the lowest step of the ladder. After receiving his bachelor's degree at Šiauliai University in 2007, he came to Vilnius and began working in Baltic Ground Services as a ramp agent. In December of 2010, Tomas became head of the Ramp Services Department. Tomas continues to manage a large team of subordinates comprised of more than 100 employees. He has an IATA Station/Ground Handling Management certificate. Tomas is one of the most respected and loved managers in the company, inspiring both employees and colleagues with his good example.

Liucija Apanaviciute began her career in our company in May of 2014, during her apprenticeship in the Ground Service Department, where she helped her colleagues prepare documents, statistics, etc. After noticing Liucija's fast learning abilities, initiative and great desire to work in the company, the heads of the company decided to appoint her to be the passenger service agent. Liucija also made a good impression when working with passengers - by always providing customer service with a smile, therefore she was soon transferred to the Personnel Department where she worked as an assistant to the personnel. 

Considering the fact that Liucija was a student in the field of Transport and Logistics, in April of 2015 she was appointed to be a transport manager in the Logistics Department, where she continues to further her career. 

Liucija puts a lot of effort not only in her work, but in her studies as well. In 2015, she received the highest score (10 points) for her bachelor's thesis "Improvement of service quality in an aircraft ground handling company" and was awarded a bachelor's degree in transport and logistics at the International School of Law and Business.

The logistics department went through a stage of rapid development: when we began servicing Neste Lietuva petrol station network, we provided fuel to 10 petrol stations, and currently we service all 67 petrol stations belonging to Neste network in Lithuania, as well as provide fuel for Neste Lietuva wholesale customers.